"Even today the Buddha is honoured not only by all religious-minded people. He is also honoured by atheists, historians, rationalists and intellectuals, free thinkers, scientists and psychologists all over the world who freely acknowledge him as the Enlightened, most liberal minded and compassionate Teacher."

    Welcome to TBSO-USA!

    Theravada Buddha Sasana Organization is located in the North East of Seattle, Washington State.

    We are a monastery in the Dhamma Gone Yee Mahasi Sasana Yeikthar of Seattle Myanmar Buddhist organization.

    TBSO was founded in September of 2009. Our mission is to promote and teach Buddha's teachings and cultures.

    TBSO is essentially just beginning; it is a young monastery with great growth potential.

    All donations go to support our Buddha Mission - TBSO(USA) to establish a Dhamma Gone Yee Mahasi Sasana Yeikther for your present and beyond the life goal.

    Donations, as always, are very much appreciated.

    May all of you grow longevity, beauty, happiness and strength in physical and mental by the power of wholesomeness.


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    Insight Meditation and Applied Abhidhamma Class

    Insight Meditation and Applied Abhidhamma Class

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    Happy New Year 2017

    Ye dhamma hetuppabhava
    tesam hetum tathagato aha,
    tesanca yo nirodho
    evam vadi mahasamano

    Of those things that arise from a cause,

    The Tathagata has told the cause,

    And also what their cessation is:

    Thus the Great Samana teaches.